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Some Killer Tips On How To Buy Real Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the favorite gift items for women. Whether, it is gold jewelry or pearl jewelry. Jewelry plays an important role in female life. Many of the people gift jewelry to their loved ones on special occasions like wedding, birthday, Marriage Anniversary and other occasions.

Most of the people are not aware of the pearl jewelry, how to buy real pearl jewelry? And where to purchase pearl jewelry? To simplify this problem of buying real pearl jewelry, if you don't know about this process and looking for right guidance then you are the right place because today jindalgems famous online gemstone jewelry store where customers can Buy Gemstone Beads Online at low cost, are want to discussing some valuable tips related to real pearl jewelry. Below mentioned information, will help you to buy real pearl jewelry in a hassle-free manner.

Pearl buying is not a simple task as it seems. It needs a lot of research and efforts.  If you’re looking for an original pearl, there many things to be considered before like size & look of the pearl, where it is grown and the procedure they followed in getting the pearl.

Introduction of the Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are one of the best gifts of nature to mankind. Pearls are available in different colors, shapes, and sources. It is very confusing and difficult task to choose real pearl.

Pearl is formed when a piece of sand lodged in the shell. Normally, it takes years to create a pearl. Oyster deposits the layer of a semi-translucent substance known as “nacre”. This process takes years for completion. It is the only reason pearl necklaces are costly because it needs round pearls. Round pearl jewelry items are very costly as compared to other pearl items.

Nowadays, most of the pearls used are not naturally grown. Natural pearl making process need years and its demand is so high in the market.  Since 20th Century starting pearl are not naturally grown, it is cultured.

Naturally, grown pearl needs years to take round shape and caring the oyster until it has developed a pearl. It is a long process, people find the alternative of it as cultured pearls. In the market, almost all jewelry items use cultured pearl in place of naturally grown pearls. Most of the people are not aware of this truth.

Pearls are an Organic Gem. They are known as an organic gem because it is not extracted, but created from living creatures.

How to identify pearl is real or not?

To identify, if your pearl is real or not, you need to do research about various types of pearl available. As we know, a natural pearl is very rare and expensive too. You can check pearl is real or fake with an x-ray machine. Most of the pearls are either created by cultured or duplicate.

Types of Pearls

1.    Real Pearl
2.    Cultured Pearl
3.    Fresh Water Pearl
4.    Salt Water Pearl
5.    Fake or Duplicate Pearl

Pearl Shape Classifications : Spherical Pearls, Symmetrical Pearl & Baroque Pearl

Spherical is rare and has a desirable shape. Round shape is more expensive and difficult to find. Symmetrical are not round in shape, they have symmetry from one end to another.  Baroque is not expensive, but they are beautiful. In artificial jewelry items, baroque pearls are used to give it an elegant look.

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